Monday, March 26, 2007

World Cup #24 - Who says we're out of the Super 8s?

There's still hope.


  1. like you said a few posts earlier, its bye bye to this team, and forever in hope we shall be, for a new team, fresh talent, a prodigy here and another there.

    but i just cannot seem to feel any better, even though there is some beautiful cricket still going on there in the windies.

  2. machan i jus read that sharad pawar wants to have 2 teams...india Seniors and India blues....both teams will get to play international circket...maybe they shld tour amongst themselves and play more cricket...its getting bizzare...back to sandip patel.....classic comedy for some days to come from BCCI,.....log live indian cricket

  3. sharad pawar can be coach for one of these team s himself.....maybe that will inspire some of our seniors.....