Thursday, March 15, 2007

World Cup #14 – Keeping Awake

Keeping awake is hard. Especially if you’re like me, and won’t risk the Red Bull type drinks. Some tips for dedicated cricket watchers to fight drowsiness, especially during dull periods of play.

  1. Eat light. A heavy dinner is a sure-fire way to miss the second session.

  2. Potter around. Walk around the house every now and then. Adjust a lamp. Wipe a surface. Open the fridge, peer into it and close it again.

  3. Switch off the mosquito repellant. The little buggers will take care of keeping you awake, I promise.

  4. Comics work for me. Exciting stuff like Lone Wolf and Cub, not more sedate stuff like American Splendour.

  5. Do like Inispector does – mute the ads. You’ll be surprised.


  1. Hey come on...I am expecting some posts on yesterday's match!

  2. What a sad day for cricket....may his soul rest in peace