Monday, March 19, 2007

World Cup#15 - Burn me in effigy

This has been an exciting, thrilling world cup. A tie. Six sixes in an over. So-called minnows playing terrific, joyful cricket. Some great fielding. Sporting wickets.

So, we should be enjoying this right?

Oh, no. We'd much rather burn effigies, rant and rave like diseased baboons and ,quite illegally, seek retribution by destroying private property. Because our team played badly and lost a game. A game.

You know what? I didn't do my job well today. I missed a few deadlines, and made a few spelling mistakes. So go ahead, burn my effigy. Stone my house. Threaten my family. You have the right. No problem.

And when you screw up something, which you doubtless will at some point, I will do the same. I'll break your car's windscreen. I'll burn your family photograph. I'll call you names. I'll call your family names. I'll throw rocks at your house. And I'll be sure to bring Dhoni and Kaif with me. They'll be glad to join in.

This way, we can both win. Or lose. What's the difference?


  1. Anand,
    You hit the nail on the head.This is the exact same argument I used among friends!How can someone trash somebody else's property just because he didn't play well?!As if the ones that trashed it do their jobs very well.Would they dare break a MLA or MP's residence because those idiots didnt lay roads/provide drinking water?
    I would really recommend that the Indian team refuse to play cricket if these kinds of incidents happen.Its an outrage!

  2. Hey! Nice blog. But everything you do you do quite nicely, so I am not surprised. :)
    As for our disgraceful behaviour (I'm talking off the field not on it. THAT is another story), all I can say is that as a country we seemed to have reached a nadir. We protest about the weirdest things. A dalit family gets massacered in broad daylight by the "upper castes" and we hear not a peep. No rallies, no effigy burning not even a token march. But hey, our cricket team loses and the entire bunch of losers are out there letting us know how they feel.Bravo India

  3. "To see India's team of cruising millionaires harassed and gang-tackled to the ground by the bustling little Bangladesh side with an average age of 23 will remain one of the joys of the cup.

    India, by contrast, remains the great underachiever. Every time it has a major tournament it trots out its list of big names -- Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid and Virender Sehwag among them -- and gets beaten.

    The side looks stale, emotionless and soft.

    The once great Tendulkar looks like a battle-weary veteran"

    The Australian

    WTF!!????.....i jus pray that this bitch from a convict family is proven woefully wrong during this world cup.....guys jus put your heads down and back this team.....