Thursday, August 12, 2010

Game Invader - My weekly gaming column for the New Indian Express

Sorry folks - I've been awfully busy with a bunch of things, and hence no time to update the blog. Should be back to semi-regular updating from next week.

I have, of course, been writing my weekly Game Invader column for The New Indian Express. You can read the whole bunch of articles here.

A few selected pieces below - personal favourites.

The genetic make-up of videogames 

Sometimes, as a game developer and a student of the art form itself, I enjoy taking a close look at a game I’m playing, and try and trace the origins and history of specific features found in it. The genetic make up of videogames is a fascinating study.

Monkey Island 2 gets a makeover 

With the release of Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge Special Edition, one of the greatest and most beloved games of all time gets a fresh coat of paint, so that an entire new generation of gamers can enjoy its renowned sense of humour, devilish puzzles and unforgettable characters.

E3 2010 — Nintendo wins again 

The story of gaming over the past five years or so has been one of Microsoft and Sony playing a desperate game of catch-up, as Nintendo, laughing merrily, leaves them eating gaming dust. The story of E3 2010 was no different.

The video game as a software toy 

I’ve just spent several hours playing Just Cause 2, and strangely enough, so far it’s been more of a toy than a game

Learning to Floo : Episode 1 concludes.

My graphic novel for the Centre for Internet and Society, Learning to Floo, has finally completed its first episode. It's been fun writing, drawing, colouring and lettering eleven full-colour pages, some of them with action-oriented panels, too.

Next week, we move on to Episode 2, where we learn exactly what The Floo is, and what the shady government types want with T33ch.

Here's the last page, as a teaser :

Of course, if you haven't already, you should head over to the CIS web site and read the whole thing.