Monday, January 15, 2007

Desi Brangelinas

Amit Varma's worst fears are coming true.

With the advent of Abhiwarya, the mouth waters at other possibilities (for existing as well as fictitious couples). Here are a few :

Surya and Jyothika - Soothika (non-Tamil speakers, please excuse)

Asin and Vikram - Ashram

Vijay and Trisha - Visha

Anil and Tina Ambani - Antenna

Dhoni and Katrina Kaif - Dhoka

Cyrus Broacha and Celina Jaitley - Cycley

I.M.Vijayan and U.R.Ananthamurthy -V.R.Gay

Sushmita Sen and Cybill Sheppard - Sensible

Okay, I'm all out. Any more suggestions?

Late Additions :

Scarlet Johansson and Batman - Scatman

J-LO and TR - LOTR

Madhu Sapre and Dimple Kapadia - Sapadriya? (Another for the Tam-only crowd)

V.R.V.Singh and Ronnie Screwvala - V.R.Screwing

Unintentional humour chronicles - part 1.

We're recruiting people for our new animation and game design studio, and my colleague Tariq and I were looking in disbelief at a resume :

"One of my greatest strengths is looking through the brief and seeing the complete picture."

Sometimes, I think we should stop creating content and just syndicate and publish excerpts from resumes that we get. We'd be rich.

More fine examples :

A signboard that says, in splendid grandeur " For all occasions, use COCK." I have also seen variants for the same brand, such as "Celebrate happy festivals with COCK.", and "Buy the best COCK." Eh? Oh - fireworks. COCK brand fireworks.

A lovely (but since removed) hand painted sign outside a barber shop that says, simply 'STEP CUTTING. BOOB CUTTING.'

One of my personal favourites is a retail poster for a fashion brand called MUFTI. It features a male model striking a fashionably intense pose, with the inexplicable but brilliant slogan : "ANTI AIDS MESSAGE # 1 - APNA HAATH JAGANNATH!"

I'll try and put up some pictures as and when i find them.

But now, to the point. This is actually a call for contributions. Any of you with camera phones, be sure to click the next such example you come across and send it to me. I'll publish those I find entertaining, along with a link black to your blog, or site, if you have one.