Tuesday, April 17, 2007

More comics tomfoolery - courtesy Hungama

Right - Hungama fans wanted more. Here are a few selections from the world's funniest comic book.

1. Bussnath's Buss

This one is one of our favourites.

". . . else your life would become Busssss. Go." Blissssful.

The title, by the way, led to the formation of several variants such as 'Amarnath's Amar', 'Narendranath's Narendra', and 'Nathnath's Nath'. It was also responsible for the popularising of 'nath' as a general purpose suffix (mainly due to the efforts of Kishore Manohar, Jai Shankar Iyer, Visesh and other worthies) , as seen in random examples such as 'Cigarettenath', 'Sleepnath' and 'Cricketnath'.

2. Hungama Crazy Facts

These snippets are picked out from a section of the magazine called 'Hungama Crazy Facts'. Just a sampling - I'll post more hilarities as and when I dig them up.

Black Vido. Red spiders. Nuff said.

The founder of this watch is jaeger leading coultre. ??????

This is brilliant. Slam dunk with no jump. Hahahaha.

I LOVE this one. Too many delights to enumerate, but 'A shock Treatment' so that the dog 'keeps it's mouth shut' is hard to beat.

More to follow. And, of course, a hat tip is due to Abitha for discovering Hungama at Chennai Central Station - a fact she never fails to remind us of.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Kongregate - lots of nice fun games

Those of you who enjoy video games should check out kongregate.com. Plenty of indie developed casual games, great fun to play. It's being spoken of as a kind of youtube for gamers - users upload, rate and discuss games. Tremendous potential for young, aspiring developers as well.

I particularly enjoyed Fancy Pants Adventures, and QWERTY warriors.

A really easy, entertaining way to waste time at work.

Here's a simple game enthusiastic youngsters can play by themselves or with friends (now, now, no naughty thoughts, children), to while away those long, dreary hours during rainy days or at work when deadlines loom large.

It's about inventing names, and it's easy, fun to get into, and almost impossible to stop playing. Like tetris. Or diablo. All you have to do is invent new, exciting names based on existing ones, and throw a wrench into Maneka Gandhi's evil schemes.

For instance, take a simple name - Pravin Srinivasan.

Now, modify it by changing just one letter, like so :

Pravip Srinivasan .

Or like so :

Pravin Srinidasan.

See? Much hilarity. And very addictive. The trick is subtlety. Prabid Srikivasak, though perhaps funny, is overkill, in my opinion. But whatever makes you happy.

Some further examples :

Anank Ramachandran

Jai Shankap

Majjika Sherawat


Kishoke Manohar

Lots of new names! Whee!

Once you have mastered the beginner's techniques, you can move on to more advanced, and hence more fulfilling forms of gameplay. For instance, mucking about with compound names, such as Saravanakumar, and introducing unusual elements into the mix can be effective. An example :

Saravanakumar - kumar + sudheer = Saravanasudheer. Nice.

More examples of this technique :

Krishnamurthy - murthy + badran = Krishnabadran (You may have heard of Ramabadran, but have you . . .)

Hariprasad - prasad + ji = Hariji (which can also be arrivedat by the simpler method of applying technique 1 to Harini)

Basic units such as Nath, Kanth and Sri, when used smartly, can provide much flexibility and surprisingly delicious results. Such as :




After just a few days of practice, even the casual player can attempt complex combinations of these techniques that lead to seemingly original end products such as Sankalesh Jimmy, Bragadeesh Sankalpavathy, and Prabhak Muneeswath (all of bosey fame)

In fact, I encourage you to play the game on the comments section of this post, so that I, too, may enjoy the fruits of your endeavours. Go. Play.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

World Cup#27 - Sehwag's Brother

You may have heard of Sehwag ki Maa, but have you heard of Sehwag ka Bhai? Here.

Heh. What more can you ask for?

You guys think so, too?

The Wizard of Words

Long-time reader Gowri has started off his very own word-coinage blog, a-la Wordmint. It's called The Wizard of Words, and has some interesting additions to the language. A sampling :


Meaning: A plot to bring disrepute to a cricketer by claiming his use of suspicious bowling (or 'chucking')techniques.
Pronounciation: Chuck-raa-view-ha
Usage: I am just surprised how only Asian cricketers are targeted in these chuckravyuhas.

More at The Wizard of Words. Visit, read, contribute.

When search strings go bad!

Like all diligent bloggers, I sometimes check my stats to see how many people have been reading which posts on which blogs. Those of you who don't blog may not be aware that these statistical tools also offer information on what search strings have led people to your posts. And this information is often hilarious.

For instance, someone searched Google for 'K.R.Vijaya Hot' and landed up at Son of Bosey. Heh. And the best part is this - this happened MORE THAN ONCE! Incredible. Imagine the poor sod(s) who clicked on the link, expecting to see lascivious pictures of K.R.V's delicious rolls of flab, and is deeply disappointed by page after page of dazzling wit and sarcasm™.

Son of Bosey also features prominently among Google's results for 'Brahmin Mami Sex' (thanks to that Ambi Mama thing, and its 200 comments.). This is almost too painful to contemplate, but in public interest, I shall. Said poor sod(s), after the previous disappointment, decides to treasure-hunt for moments of madusaru-clad mamis indulging in carnal activity, and where does he land? Heh. More dazzling wit and sarcasm™.

All the above examples are true - you can try them yourself on Google.

Bizarrely, a search at msn.com for 'chennai sex men cell number' led to my gaming blog. But this doesn't work anymore, presumably due to the efforts of said Chennai sex men to improve their page rankings.

Blogging is fun, in more ways than one.

Update : Another fun search string to try on Google : 'Greg Chappell's son' . Try it. Now.

Monday, April 2, 2007

George W.Bush's inbox contents revealed!

This is kinda funny.

Link courtesy Vishal.

World Cup #26 - Bad Ad Watch

Our next nominee - a true beauty.

The moronic, so-wannabe-that-it's-beyond-pathetic, but mercifully short advert for the LG X-note computer.

An ugly white guy looks at a talking picture of a woman on his laptop. He touches the screen, and it's suddenly another woman in a hotter dress (or the same woman who changes into . . you know what? who cares?). He swivels the monitor around. Gets up to leave. Suddenly, some unrelated guy in a S.W.A.T. team outfit falls off the window ledge.  The ugly white guy pauses, says "Right now, Life's Goooooooooood.", while somehow managing to contort his lips in a disquietingly unattractive manner, and exits stage.

My brain hurts. WHAT? WHAAAAAAAT?

If you're part of the team that delivered this putrid sewage-pail to an unsuspecting audience, please do us a favour and change jobs.

World Cup #25 - Sanath. A full house. And more Sanath.

Sat down to watch my first Super 8 game in full. A full house at last. The possibility of a true cracker.

But guess what? Sri Lanka hammers an abject West Indies side. Bo-ring.

However, there was the unusual treat of listening to Rameez Raja repeatedly refer to Sanath Jayasuriya as 'Sanath'. 'That's a great shot by Sanath'. 'Sanath is running extremely well between the wickets'. 'I've always been a a big fan of Sanath'.  It's not like this is his natural style - he didn't show the same easy familiarity when talking about any of the other players. Weird guy. And he looks like Asad Rauf.

'Sanath', of course, provided the major part of the evening's entertainment by taking his time to settle, and then gleefully tonking the West Indian bowlers wherever he mighty well pleased. A peach of a century from a cricketer of much might and fearsomeness.


It's now safe to say that there would probably have been no point in India making the Super 8s anyway. We'd have beaten Ireland (yeah, yeah, I know. Probably have beaten.), and might have had a fair chance against the West Indies. We'd have been soundly trashed by all the other teams. They're better prepared, fitter, smarter - and playing an altogether better brand of cricket. We're not in this league, I am truly saddened to concede.


I've decided to watch as many of the upcoming heavyweight matches. Some teams are playing delicious cricket, and I get the feeling we haven't seen the best of the World Cup yet.  More power to Lasith Malinga. To Scott Styris. To Paul Collingwood. To 'Sanath'. To Ricky Pont . . no, wait . . .

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Goodbye, Anil. Thank you. Really.

Amidst all the frustration and sadness, let's stop a minute to say goodbye to a man named Anil Kumble.

A man who, through it all, remained one of the most dignified, committed and skilled cricketers to play for the Indian ODI team. Ever. Much has been said about Kumble the cricketer. Like here. And here.

A man who never lost his cool, never argued a bad decision, never blamed bad performances on this or that, never once set a bad example on the field or off it. A man whose name was never dragged through the mud. In present-day Indian cricket, that makes him the rarest of the rare.

A man who enriched our game simply by being a part of it.

Thankfully, he'll still play tests. He won't forever. Celebrate him while he's still here.

Those things under Chanderpaul's eyes.

Finally. Here's the answer.

Apparently, he uses them to cut out glare, since he doesn't like sunglasses.

Now, if only he'd do something about that stance. Ugh.

More comics tomfoolery

Vishal dug this up somewhere. Fantastic. And the thing is - this probably wasn't funny when it was drawn. One of those things that evolve into jokes. There IS a God.

And plenty more such delights at superdickery.com - a must for comics lovers. I especially like the one about the joker's boner.

Brown, Bad and . . er . . Blonde.

Anyone else find the images of Rajni on the just released Sivaji promos a bit unsettling?

Hideous. It's just not him. What next? Gap-tian made up to look like Mr.T?

But Grand must be insanely jealous.