Saturday, March 24, 2007

World Cup #23 - Who am I to discuss cricket?

I've never played. At any level.

I've watched countless matches. I've loved the game to death. I've read and written about it. I've spent hours in thought, pondering its nuances, marvelling at its complexity, delighting in its beauty.

I read old magazines and relive memories. I play inadequate videogames and curse them for the injustice done to our majestic sport. I've even punched non-believers in the face ( Shamefully, it's true. Ask Aravind Murali or Vishwanathan Srinivasan.)

But I haven't played.

So maybe I should shut up now. And leave the informed discussion to the pros.

Au revoir. No more cricket. Will stick to comics and stuff. Okay?


  1. 1.
    Today's hot news...

    Serious fight between Pakistani players and Indian players, for the window seats in the airoplane...

    Sachin = legend!!
    Ganguly = Tiger!!
    Sewag = Lion!!
    Dhoni = Killer!!
    Srilankans = Good Cricket Players!!!

  2. Quick one - Did you guys see

    Now that is a freakin' good academy they are putting in place. Something that our dudes with all the money rolling in would not even think about.

    This comment is not about cricket performance and is about cricket grooming for the future. Anand?