Thursday, March 15, 2007

World Cup #10 – Dwayne Leverock. Cheer the man.

Okay. I’m going to watch ALL Bermuda games. Dwayne Leverock. Wow.

He comically dropped a couple of catches (what was he doing fielding at slip and cover, for goodness’ sake?). Bowled some decent deliveries, and even managed a scalp. And broke out into one of the most charming celebrations I’ve seen at the fall of a wicket – a most enjoyable jiggle fest.

His Mum’s pissed that someone in the media poked fun at him by likening him to Eddie Murphy’s Nutty Professor’. And proceeded to defend her son in classic Indian mum fashion, saying something to the effect of “He’s not fat. Just healthy.”

He’s a jolly guy, and he’s having a whale of a time playing the world cup.

It’s stories like this that warm the cockles.


  1. Surely he dropped a couple, but he fields like a cheetah, did you see him field.

    Jolly guy he surely is.

  2. I am Leverock's separated-at-birth twin, you know.