Saturday, March 24, 2007

World Cup #22 - And now what?


I'm a fan of cricket. Not of cricketers. So, for me, the cup goes on. More to look forward to. More to stay awake for.

And India? Well, much sadness. And much hope.

Hope that we will build a young, fresh team who will delight us in the years to come. Hope that we can remember the Tendulkar-Ganguly-Kumble era without rancour, recalling the glory moments and forgiving the shameful ones.

This team is dead. Its champions must fade. In their place will come new ones. The game lives on.

Many fans will give up on Indian cricket. They will turn away from the game they love, hurt by the disappointments. No matter. Others will take their place. My son among them. They will cheer new heroes on new adventures. But the game remains the same.

Team India is dead. Long live team India.


  1. ya rightly gives enormous pleasure watching Aus vs Sa game...lets develop a team, that does not choke under pressure..that enjoys playing..that can lose but after putting a tough fight..

  2. The problem Anand, is that we've been saying this(about developing a good team) year after year,defeat after defeat,since the mid80s.You are not saying something new.We shout ourselves hoarse after a pathetic defeat where our boys lose miserably...then they put a decent performance...then everybody's hopes are flying high...then they let us down....the cycle goes on and on.I dont see a solution.There is too much lobbying going on in BCCI.I can't believe we can't produce 1 Glen McGrath from a population of 1 Billion.These sad state of affairs,I am afraid will continue.

  3. Gowri -

    We? Even you? ;)

    You're not saying anything new, either. Both points of view need to be repeated ever so often. Just to keep things real. This isn't a problem at all.

  4. Hmmm...I kind of think I get the joke...but am not sure.