Tuesday, March 13, 2007

World Cup #06 - A good game is what we all want, really.

This game is going to be good. Sporting wicket. Even contest.


And, of course, I have found that Simon Hughes is actually Marcus Trescothick. They are one and the same. Look closely.

Oh yes - Pakistan to take this one. If they bat with a semblance of common sense.


  1. Doordarshan rocks as always, the first and last ball of most overs will give way to advertisements, and every now and then they will cut the english commentary for their own hindi comentary, what they cut also is the crowd noise at times.

    Whats a game of cricket in the carribean without the crowd noise, bah!

    Couple of gems i picked up from the hindi commentary:

    >Brian Lara ek kaabil cricketer hai (Brian Lara is an able cricketer)

    >West Indies ke tez gendbaaz kafi tezi se bowling kar rahe hain
    (The west indian fast bowlers are bowling fast)

    For all those who have to see the matches in doordarshan, Sabina Park is a spectacular ground, just Doordarshan makes it look like a tuesday evening tamil drama.

  2. I am subjected to some matter of fact coverage by Fox Sports....the match was meant to start at 6:30 local time and it did start exactly at that time...straight cut to chase...NFL till 6:29 and suddenly players are on the field and rana naved is ready to bowl as well..no pre match report, no clevage, no tarrot readers, no crystal ball . and more importantly no pitch report and toss!!....bad scene....coming to think of it how much ever we hated all that non sense there was a sense of excitment an hour before the match with all the analysis...somehow the mood was being set for a good encounter...miss all that with this coverage...and ofcourse there is amir sohail in the commentary team....have u guys spotted arun lal anywhere....else im tempted to believe hes become amir sohail...atleast the voice....

  3. One more world cup with Charu Sharma who i feel is worse than Mandira Bedi cause both cant talk and I feel Mandira Bedi is mildly better to look at than Charu Sharma. Maybe he will wear a Kilt during the Scotland match.....yuck.

    pray for Scotland to bear the Aussies...........maybe the world famous Dougie Brown will crack the scene for them.......

  4. Inis,

    That means you're only Arun Lal

  5. Ya machan...im busted

    - Arun Lal

  6. Chetan Sharma is also around

  7. I thot inis was only aamir sohail ra.. look closely