Monday, March 26, 2007

Best single comic panel ever?

From a delightful (but now sadly defunct, I think) Chennai based comic called Hungama.

HUngama Panel

The grammar in the caption is one of those rarest of rare things that can be described as being 'perfectly bad'. Sublime.

Oh - and Hungama is full of such brilliance. Will try and put up more stuff if possible.


  1. hahahahahahahaha....hope you have all the hungama collected from Chennai Central those days.....might be worth starting another blog for it...we need all the entertainment now that our party is over.....brilliant stuff

  2. cant see the image, but am sure its a gem, machan whats with the silence????

  3. Machan it says" On hearing the tiger's words the prince took pity on her and placed some blankets over it and gave him the necessary first aid"


  4. LOL! More, more! We want more!!! :)