Monday, November 3, 2008

N-Gage App : Updated Impressions

Some readers to my previous post on the n-Gage app (in the comments section) with some disagreement - pointing out bugginess of the app.

I've used the app extensively over the past fifteen days or so after that first post, trying out all its features. I'm pleased to report that, apart from a few minor niggles, I stand by my view that the app is fun and easy to use.

In this period, I purchased ONE, Reset Generation and System Rush, using a credit card. Twice, the system reported an error (I suspect that the problem was with the internet connection rather than the app itself) and couldn't activate the game. However, on both occasions, it went through fine on the next attempt.

I've also been adding friends, messaging them and updating my profile online with no problems at all.

The app works better if you're using a Wi-Fi broadband connection, but is actually very serviceable over a normal GPRS (I'm on airtel) connection as well.

So overall, I'm facing no major problems so far. If any of you have different experiences to report, we're listening.


  1. i personally hv been using n-gage earlier on my n81 and now on my n95 8gb since the time 2.0 was announced and i can't recall any bugs.. except a few nagging hang ups which sum of the previous Nseries models r used to. i think if Nokia works on the payment mode options...offer something like vouchers near campuses, gaming centers etc.. it is bound to work. what this company need to realize is that all young students don't own credit cards.. SO MORE options for paying and availability on cheaper models like xpressmusic etc will increase the adoption

  2. Sagar - agreed. More payment options is critical. Nokia has apparently made some noises about introducing vouchers. I also think operator billing would be a welcome addition - pay now, worry about it when the bill arrives :)