Saturday, October 25, 2008

Magic Square Comics - An experiment in storytelling

Remember magic squares? Those rows and columns of numbers which used to add up to the same total whichever way you counted?

I'm just fooling around trying to do the same thing with comics. Presented below is a comics grid, if you will. Each row and column is intended to work by itself as a narrative, like a mini-story. So each panel actually plays a different role in unrelated storylines.

This is a rough effort at best, but I'm interested in how far this experiment can be taken. I'd love to hear your opinions, and idea submissions.

Click the pic for a larger version.


  1. really nice anand, although I feel a bit duh! with the second horizontal strip.

  2. the second and third verticals don't work as well as the others.

  3. Anonymous - you think?

    Hmmmm . . everyone seems to have a different opinion on which ones work and which don't - very interesting. Dontcha love such experiments?

    Anyone else on what works and what doesn't?

  4. Bindhu - the second horizontal, I thought I was being clever! Damn!

    Basically the scene cuts away from the detective's PC to a new crime about to be committed. The link, I was hoping, was the suspect's pic on the monitor.

  5. Immense. Also Shtrong.
    Greatest potential in this style I think.

  6. Kiwet k3wl as an experiment. Me thinks it is quite clever and given some time will work out to be just fine. Better than loads of crap that they term as komikfs. Keep eet up. Shuddap, not that.

  7. I l0\/e it!
    the second vertical strip i didnt get :P

  8. This was awesome! And thanks to your explanation, i understood 2nd vertical :)
    I saw your other stuff too, youre too good :D
    I think you should try superheroes. Something specifically Indian.
    As an amateur doodler, I'm compelled to ask. How do you develop characters?
    I came up with this guy but somehow, paper->photoshop is such a tedious process!
    Surely you'd be knowing something, oh wise one

  9. Coconut Chutney - e-mail me at anand dot rdx at gmail and I'll try to help with whatever knowhow I have.

    All others - thanks for reading, and for the kind comments.

  10. Machan just catching up on some of your blogs. This particularly caught my eye. Quite arty ...but very cool.

    BTW coconut chutney - Very nice sketch!