Monday, October 26, 2009

Bossfight at NASSCOM Game Developer Summit !

I've been invited to speak at NASSCOM's Game Developer Summit, which is a part of NASSCOM Animation and Gaming Summit 2009. I've attended the event for the past three years, but this is the first time I'll be speaking. (the thought of me speaking at the same event as Ernest Adams is truly amusing, but hey, I'll take it ;)

My talk will be on the creative aspects of game development - and will look at possible ways for Indian game developers to create cool, original game content that has the potential to find global success.

Should be fun. I'll keep posting stuff on this blog as I collect info and feedback from you guys for brain-fuel.

And do let me know if any of you are going to be there in Hyderabad for the summit.


  1. This looks nice! Its in HICC, thats the place it should be :D last time when I went there during Sun Tech Days I was wishing that something like E3 should be conducted there.

    Something ALMOST like that is happening :P Good good!

    The schedule for Day2 looks a bit.. hmm.. but still, should be worth attending, meeting various people and asking questions will be a nice experience.

    If the Ending Ceremony of Sun Tech Days was any sign, I'm pretty sure the end for this is also going to be pretty awesome :P

    Two main discussions are going to be Ghajini and Hanuman.. hehe, should be fun during the Q&A sessions :P

    The registration procedure for this is pretty confusing though. (Unlike SunTechDays) No time to mail.. wonder if I can go to that mail address and pay money or something...

  2. @Reteesh So will you be attending the event? =)

  3. Hi,
    I will be there for the summit.

  4. Had exams till today, will check when is the last day to register and all those stuff, and the exact procedure of getting a ticket.. hope can make it! exams are making things kinda complicated :(

    Luckily its on 7th and exams end 9for a while) on 5th!

    Should be nice meeting you all there! :D

  5. yay, Registered for the event yesterday. Will be there on 7th :D Hope I can make it on time :P

    Starts at around 9! :O

    Hope to meet you all there :)

    BTW, no official Hashtag for the event? #nasscomAG ?