Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Da Orks is Da Strongest

The Orks of Warhammer 40K have got to be the most fun faction in any RTS.

Sure, they're interesting to play, have their own unique strategies and all that jazz, but then so do all other RTS factions worth their salt.

But the Orks in WH40k ooze more personality than any other faction I've played in an RTS. From the unit names(Slugga Boyz, Shoota Boyz, Warboss, Wartrukk, Killa Kan), to the structures (Da Bigga Generator, Da Boyz Hut, Da Mek Shop),to their war cries, to the legendary Waaaaagh!, they are drop-dead funny and terrifying at the same time. Gotta love 'em.

In fact, WH40K is fast becoming my one of my favourite universes - I'm playing Dawn of War. I've already played Squad Command on the PSP and the strangely enjoyable Glory in Death for the now forgotten N-Gage. I'm planning on getting Mark of Chaos, and .of course, am eagerly awaiting DoW 2.

I'm also on the lookout for WH40k and Warhammer tabletop games and comics. To add to my prized collection of Hellbrandt Grimm graphic novels (Eat your heart out, koidy!)



  1. The man they call Hellbrandt Grimm.

  2. HBG is from the Warhammer fantasy Universe, while Dawn of War is set in the more futuristic Warhammer 40K. But who knows, if at all anyone can live for 40,000 years, it would be Grimm.

    But putting him in a game would be pointless, right? Shlunkk. Game Over.

  3. What about HBK machan? :)

    Sounds interesting. I may actually try this out after scraping the dust off my PC. Is this out on console?

    Hey - the word verification thingy on this comment form says "rezrod". Hahahaha - remember?

    Axe 316

  4. Can never forget machan!!

    Koidy may remember some more due to coaching!

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