Tuesday, April 17, 2007

More comics tomfoolery - courtesy Hungama

Right - Hungama fans wanted more. Here are a few selections from the world's funniest comic book.

1. Bussnath's Buss

This one is one of our favourites.

". . . else your life would become Busssss. Go." Blissssful.

The title, by the way, led to the formation of several variants such as 'Amarnath's Amar', 'Narendranath's Narendra', and 'Nathnath's Nath'. It was also responsible for the popularising of 'nath' as a general purpose suffix (mainly due to the efforts of Kishore Manohar, Jai Shankar Iyer, Visesh and other worthies) , as seen in random examples such as 'Cigarettenath', 'Sleepnath' and 'Cricketnath'.

2. Hungama Crazy Facts

These snippets are picked out from a section of the magazine called 'Hungama Crazy Facts'. Just a sampling - I'll post more hilarities as and when I dig them up.

Black Vido. Red spiders. Nuff said.

The founder of this watch is jaeger leading coultre. ??????

This is brilliant. Slam dunk with no jump. Hahahaha.

I LOVE this one. Too many delights to enumerate, but 'A shock Treatment' so that the dog 'keeps it's mouth shut' is hard to beat.

More to follow. And, of course, a hat tip is due to Abitha for discovering Hungama at Chennai Central Station - a fact she never fails to remind us of.


  1. "Don't advise me, untill you satisfy me...." HAUN!

    Hahahahaha - Bussss, good blast from the past.

  2. Hahaha - machan - don't mock his attire. Even though it may be a salwar. The progressive guys at hungama totally believed in cross-dressing.

  3. Am curious as to where they found the animal 'facts' or whether they just made it up!

  4. Hahahahahahahahaha what about these legends - Tabartor, Lifafi, Phunzagra, Bijroth also demand an audience.

  5. Yes please for Tabartor and Raj alias Nagraj, he who is ageless and made of a million snakes!

  6. What about super commando Dhruv, who is also a super hero, but does not have any super powers.

    Tirangaa???? - the tri-coloured indian superspidermanbat

  7. Fools! Check out Bikang for new and improved youtube based Nagraj. The only missing thing is Flyingman Macis Kesalamatan

  8. Where can I find/buy this Hungama thing? It be a Collector's item!

  9. I have become a Hungama addict. I want more.. more..

  10. Hungama rocks!

    What's with bosey.co.in? I visited it after ages today and saw some funny message that the domain had expired... :( :( :(

    When's the 10th day? ;)


  11. These comics remind me of a bad Chacha Chaudhary (yes, yes, I know... I was bored on a summer vacation and my army brat cousins had come down from the North with this for company on their train) that I once read.

    It was called "Chacha Chaudhary and Limbo's Dracula". The highlight of the comic was the panel where Chacha sits down with some fierce-looking Sadhus and chants "ashtak ashtak mahachakra; humble sumble kamalpatra", and the draculas die moaning "ohhh... had it!" and fade away into limbo.

    No, I'm not making this up!!!

  12. This was really, really, really hilarious.

    By the way, what happened to Son of Bosey? It's down at the moment and you've not renewed your domain.

    Hope we see it revived... was really fun.


  13. By the way, anybody remember the stories in "Champak"? Those were true gems.

  14. Hari - thanks for stopping by. Bosey's back up now. New article as well.

    Yeah, CHampak. I remember some stories featuring that ugly bunny from Lijat Pappad Ad films. Or something similar, at any rate.

  15. Anand, thanks for restoring Bosey. Great new article too.

    I hope you find time to read some of my humour articles too. I am very interested in feedback from you.

    Here's the URL:

  16. Argh. Bosey seems to be down again... what gives?

  17. what a great site and informative posts, I will add a backlink and bookmark your site. Keep up the good work!

    I'm Out! :)

  18. got a couple of copies i can borrow? just for a few days. busssss...