Sunday, November 12, 2006

World Rock, Paper, Scissors Championships! No, really!

I don't know why I bother to write Son of Bosey, when there are real-world happenings that are this funny!

A report in today's Hindu led me to try and dig up more information on the old schoolyard favourite 'Rock, Paper, Scissors' - with delightful results. There's a whole bunch of people who are either masters of satire, or are dead serious about the 'sport'. I'm not smart enough to figure out which.

This is the video promo for this years World Championships, which was held yesterday, and carried a winner's purse of $10,000/-.


According to the official World Rock Paper Scissors Society web site, here's what 'Advanced RPS' is all about :
RPS is gaming at its most basic, its most fundamental. Take anything away, and it ceases to be a game at all. Every other game, at some level, contains RPS. Like chess or fencing, the rules are simple, but the game itself is as complex as the mind of your opponent.

Playing RPS probably won’t make you rich and famous. Chances are good you won’t win an Olympic gold medal. And it’s not likely to improve your physique, maximize your sex appeal, jump-start your career or expand your memory. Many players have found, however, that studying RPS gives them a greater understanding of how gaming relates to human behavior. In that sense, RPS can help you find success in other areas, but only if you have the determination to work hard and think hard – not just in RPS, but in every area of your life.

More general hilarity at The world RPS Society, and, as always, at Wikipedia.


  1. What's next? Pallanguzhi world cup with live telecasts on Sun TV, followed by the International Gilli Championship inaugurated by Vijay Saar :)

    And yes, unlike RPS, these ancient-tradition-upholding sports will definitely improve your physique, maximize your sex appeal (siva siva!) and expand your memory!

    Trust Wikipedia to have an entry on Pallanguzhi. Nothing on Gilli, unfortunately - but then again, with Vijay Saar around, who needs Wikipedia to tell us about Gilli?

  2. @Kovai.
    Sure why not.Kabaddi is almost there.Next will be Kho Kho and then all these others that you speak of.Hopefully Goli, bambaram and kaathaadi will also join the list.

  3. Sure thing, Gowri!

    We should also give a chance to Cheetangol as national sport - after all, such great leaders as Atalji and Fernandesji indulge in it too!

  4. LOL@ kp. *Sigh * if only I'd known about this earlier. I could have been a the Rock Paper Scissors Star!! The World Champion! Life is so unfair :(

  5. Hey, Anand Ramachandran!!! Is this "motey"? Sathya here....

  6. Hey Sats, thanks for reading the blog. Where have you been?

  7. Kovai - God! Monster memory, Dude! That 'Cheetangol' article was years ago! You used to read the original bosey? I'm overwhelmed. Thanks all you guys for reading my blogs. and taking the trouble to comment.

  8. Well, I was (and still am) a massive Bosey addict :) The Onion might be the original, but nothing like a dose of good home grown Sambar Vengayam to spice up life a little!

    Keep at it, dude - Bosey rocks!

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    just saying HI