Tuesday, November 7, 2006

You may have heard of Rajnikanth. You may have heard of Kamal Haasan. But have you . . .

Heard of Kamalkanth?

I've just learned that Sarath Kumar, much before taking his first steps to fame by battling Gap-Tian in Pulan Visaaranai, used to knock at the doors of producers, asking for roles. All under the carefully constructed moniker of 'Kamalkanth'.


This HAS to be the best idea ever. Surely, the film studios would fall over each other for the chance to work with a judicious combination of the best of Tamil cinema's most bankable stars - in one convenient package. The charisma of Rajni. The talent of Kamal. Who could resist?

Disbelievers, check with Dinakaran.

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  1. LOL..reminds me of a friend by name Dhanavel who was obsessed with acting and wanted to make it big in the movies.We recommended that he change his name to 'Dhanakant'!We also recommended that he change the name to 'Dhanamooty' for a chance in Malayalam movies.