Friday, November 10, 2006

Vijay Saar helps in diabetes control!

You never know what your favourite tamil actors are capable of!

Herbal cure for diabetes

Surya Herbal Limited which claims to be the first Ayurvedic ISO 9001 certified company, has launched X-Diaba, a herbomineral approach for arresting, stopping and curing diabetes. A chronic metabolic disorder, diabetes is characterised by an increase in sugar levels in the body.

X-Diaba is a combination of some of the best anti-diabetic herbs and minerals. The capsules contain Basant Kusumakar Ras (with gold and pearl) which provides strength to the brain, heart and the kidneys. It also contains Vijay Saar, which is known to regenerate activity of the pancreas. Other herbs are Gurmar, Karela and neem extracts. A pack of 20 capsules is available for Rs 200. Surya Herbal Limited has a manufacturing unit in Noida. The automation of the entire process meets the requirements of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) spelt out in World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines.

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Three cheers for Vijay Saar - celluloid star by day, herbal cure by night!


  1. If Vijay Saar can cure diabetes, can Gab-Tun and Grand be far behind?

    Move over, Baba Ramdev - the cure for AIDS and Cancer doesn't require the patient to execute complicated Swedish-exercise like manoeuvres a la a certain French chef. (on an empty stomach after drinking seventeen litres of who-knows-what.)

    One dose of Grand's patented remedial dialogue, and it's gone! Two doses of Gab-Tun's bloodshot red-eyed stares, and it's gone! Combine them, and you're gone too!

    My apologies to Sir Pelham.

  2. What a paradox...on one side he cures through herbal products while on the other, he causes high BP thru horrible projects!