Saturday, November 4, 2006

Meet the IODC and the BCODCI (or) Will somebody please punch Malcolm Speed.

Wonderful, just wonderful.

The amazing Malcolm Speed, in his most recent bleatings against the BCCI, says that Indian cricket is in bad shape since we “haven't won a significant cricket event since 1983”.

In response, Ratnakar Shetty, in all his wisdom, points out to Mr.Speed that “we won the World Championship of Cricket in 1985, and were in the World Cup finals as recently as 2003.”

I see.

What about the test series victories in Pakistan and the West Indies? What about the levelled test series in Australia and England? What about that unforgettable Laxman-Plaha inspired home win against Steve Waugh's Aussies?


This clearly shows where the priorities of the suits who run cricket lie. God save our game.

P.S. - Technically, we won the Champions Trophy in 2002. Which means South Africa and New Zealand haven't won squat for even longer than India. The mind boggles at how inefficient and unprofessional the ICC and BCCI can be, even when just bickering.

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  1. But I don't understand your anger! That is their job, no? I was always under the impression that these councils were set up IN ORDER to bungle things up. Did I miss something??? You think they were set up to HELP ORGANISE cricket???? Woww!! Freaky theory, dude. :P