Friday, October 7, 2011

Bigfatphoenix's Gamer Journal - Episode 1

It's been an odd couple of weeks - quit Twitter, eased up on the column writing, cut down on drinking, have hardly watched a ball of cricket. All to focus on my first real love - videogames. Making them and playing them.

And I'd say it's been a success. Here's a list of games I've managed to play at least an hour of in this period :

  • Minecraft
  • Terraria
  • Audiosurf
  • Marvel vs Capcom 3
  • Deus Ex : Human Revolution
  • The Witcher 2
  • Spelunky
  • Cave Story
  • Dungeon Keeper 2
  • Adventure World
  • Glitch
  • Myth Defense 2
  • Bastion
  • Child of Eden
  • Rez HD
  • Pac Man CE
  • Baldur's Gate [again]
  • Battleheart
  • Everlands HD
  • Animal Crossing : City Folk
Nice, eh? Yeah. Much fun.

Plus - I've started blogging again. Here's the rub : 

Instead of doing detailed reviews and insight like I used to normally do in the past, I'll be posting a daily gamer journal. I'll cover the games I played that day, and segue into thoughts and insights that are sparked off by this daily gaming experience. Those of you who follow it will, I hope, be encouraged to discover games and game design along with me and share my journey. As always - do comment and participate. 

Oh - and since it's back to a journal format, I'll post other non-gaming random stuff as well. I hope you'll enjoy it.


  1. what, like the superb public transportation system in Bangalore? :D

  2. I know you hate driving games, but you know, that will make you the best person to review them. GT5 vs Forza 4 comparo when both are out. ;)

  3. I meant Anand Ramachandran, not his Evil twin ;) Hehe.