Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Alternate ways to deal with the 'Manglik' curse.

One of my friends has just been told the bad news in no uncertain terms. His brutally honest, grim-faced astrologer has informed him that he is 'Manglik'. And hence he would have to marry an earthen pot.

I have nothing against earthen pots – they're cute, unargumentative, and eco-friendly – but I would draw the line at marrying one. No insurance benefits, and the sex would be below par. Not to mention the horrifying prospect of the house being filled with the pitter-patter--plunkety-plonk-oops-crash of little anthropomorphic pots resembling something from those badly animated advertisements seen on Doordarshan during the eighties.

But I digress. The reason for this downright bizarre practice is, of course, to prevent your bride(or groom)-to-be from meeting with a grisly end a few months into the marriage. By marrying the pot, your 'curse' is transferred to the innocent container, which then frees your beloved to live long, prosper, and nag you about your clothes. The pot is then destroyed, ending the curse. Neat.

On closer examination of the practice, I find that our friends in the astrological community have been rather unimaginative in their process design. The things you can marry to redeem yourself from the dreaded 'Manglik' curse seem mostly limited to earthen pots, banana trees and clay idols. Boring.

My question is – why not expand the scope a little and include a number of things that are better suited to bearing the curse of imminent death? Just a quick glance around will provide numerous examples of things that are probably going to die quickly anway, so what's the harm in going a little 'Manglik' on their sorry asses? A sampling :

  • An XBOX 360 console
    Everybody knows that Microsoft's crappy hardware quality will ensure a 'Red Ring of Death' just a few months after purchase. Perfect for absorbing any Manglik negative energy.

  • Sania Mirza's chances at the next grand slam
    If lack of survival is what you're looking for, then Ms.Mirza is unlikely to let you down.

  • A Mayfly
    The poor creatures only live for a few hours anyway. And their main purpose is reproduction, so you can even squeeze in a quick one before saying goodbye. Caution – might die even before you complete the ceremony, so make it quick and snappy. Register marriages recommended as opposed to those interminably long circuses we sometimes call weddings.

  • The acting careers of Tushar Kapoor, Dino Morea or Suniel Shetty
    While we admit that their careers are dying a tad slower than is ideally suited for this purpose, there's nothing wrong in helping their demise along with a little Manglik magic. 

  • An answer to any question posed on TV by Arnab Goswami
    A very safe bet – since Arnab takes great care to kill all responses quickly and efficiently, by cutting them off after “Well, you see, Arnab, it's a ma . . .”

  • A social revolution started on Twitter or Facebook
    Nothing is more short-lived than attempts by thousands of people on Twitter and Facebook to rid the world of its evils by starting hashtags and saying interesting things about their underwear. Most of these live for about 24 hours, or until someone links to a funny video where Hitler gets upset.

Of course. I realize that many of these things are fairly hard to actually 'marry' – but Astrologers are studs at coming up with ideas to solve such problems. If they can cure chronic gall bladder problems by tying coloured ropes around stone idols hundreds of miles away from the gall bladder in question, this can't be too hard. They'll figure it out.


  1. Hehehehe! Nice one.

    Not sure about Suniel Shetty. I always felt his expression on camera were animated by a team of Indian special effects professionals. But since the Indian animation industry is still lagging, he might just be able to show some emotion.

  2. Fantastico. Keep em coming. Clearly this blog can't qualify for Manglik-mitigation.

  3. oh marry A pot..as in one numbers wonly?
    Damn. Here I was dreaming of acres of ganja. This is what ganja does to your brains.

  4. I wish Jeyam Ravi was included in the Acting career list..

    An XBOX 360.. lol..

    You missed a point.. No Dowry :D

  5. aww I just got my Xbox360 replaced (disc drive failure) a week back, should have married it off to some manglik friend before doing so =(

  6. @Balu - You can lways marry of the next one ;)

    Everyone else - thanks folks.

  7. Very funny tank u.

    It is Tusshar Kapoor, and when did he even have a career? Gosh, that's like my aunt's mush!

  8. Rofl!
    Putting you on my blogroll..

  9. Why suddenly all posting here and not on Bosey?