Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Announcing the Bossfight India Game of The Year / Game of The Decade awards!

As the year 2009 (which mildly sucked) and the 'knoughties' decade (which totally pwned) come to a close, what better thing to do than celebrate the momentousness of the occasion by . . . er . . . making lists. Think that sounds lame? You're wrong - because our lists are AWESOME! There, that should clear it up.

Beginning today, Bossfight India will honour the games of the year (and the decade) with a slew of awards ranging from the conventional (game of the year, game of the decade, genre awards) to the unusual (genre of the year, platform of the year) to the downright bizarre (game that would have been most improved by the presence of Rajnikanth, game that needs to totally apologize to penguins, game that Videep Vijay Kumar quite unreasonably hates for being 'not realistic') and so on.

So keep dropping by to see what maniacal mubbery (see, the feature hasn't even begun, and already we've invented a new word. \m/ ) we've whipped up each day. We'll also be doing a bunch of polls and discussions, so do participate.


  1. If Call of Duty (WAW and MW) is not on the lists or polls, I don't like your blog.

    Blackmail, yes.