Monday, May 4, 2009

Hoog Lee comics on the KKR web site

The company I work at, A Bellyful of Dreams Entertainment, is creating some comics for the Kolkata Knight Riders web site. The comics are all based on Hoog Lee, the KKR mascot which was created by my colleagues Shashi Sudigala and Raj Golay.

The comics are essentially aimed at a younger audience (approximately 8 t0 12), as the KKR franchise is looking to create a strong brand equity with this age group, presumably to leverage SRK's popularity among them. But for that, I guess the team needs to, like,win a few games :)

The two strips I'm posting below are written by me and drawn by Ashish Padlekar. Click on a thumbnail to see the full strip.

We're also doing some single-panel stuff written by Ravi Abburi and drawn by Raj Golay. Am including a sample below, but you can head over to the KKR site for more.

Will keep you guys posted on more developments.


  1. I'm wondering if this character Hoog-Lee was inspired by Hobbes. The kolkata knightriders website is as horribly designed as their team. All flash before entering the site and nothing inside, not even the latest news.
    As far as your other work on cricinfo, it doesn't come close to Son of Bosey.

  2. @rajagopal : Just in case you were wondering - we had nothing to do with the KKR site design. We're only providing the comic-strips. Any feedback on site design is best left on the comments sections of their site.

    Regarding your comments regarinf the work on cricinfo - What can I say? Guess I'll take that as a backhanded compliment :)

  3. I meant that off the record is close to the work you do on bosey. I rather enjoyed the last couple of editions, but the eyepl and rules from hell sections are kinda blah. Looking forward to more bosey blogs though :)