Monday, April 2, 2007

World Cup #26 - Bad Ad Watch

Our next nominee - a true beauty.

The moronic, so-wannabe-that-it's-beyond-pathetic, but mercifully short advert for the LG X-note computer.

An ugly white guy looks at a talking picture of a woman on his laptop. He touches the screen, and it's suddenly another woman in a hotter dress (or the same woman who changes into . . you know what? who cares?). He swivels the monitor around. Gets up to leave. Suddenly, some unrelated guy in a S.W.A.T. team outfit falls off the window ledge.  The ugly white guy pauses, says "Right now, Life's Goooooooooood.", while somehow managing to contort his lips in a disquietingly unattractive manner, and exits stage.

My brain hurts. WHAT? WHAAAAAAAT?

If you're part of the team that delivered this putrid sewage-pail to an unsuspecting audience, please do us a favour and change jobs.


  1. yeah - this sure is a really crappy one.

    here's one thing that stumps me - having that Sunfeast biscuit ad feat. SRK at various hours beyond 10 PM. are kids supposedly watching or are we supposed to get excited and buy a ton of those for our odd mealtimes.

    i know that the buys include a wide mix of run order etc. but yet.....

  2. But I suppose thats how ad wallas make a living dont they?