Monday, May 23, 2016

Swatch Vigyapan Initiative : All advertisements should carry warning labels like cigarette packs

I'm all for the warning labels that the Government of India is insisting that all tobacco products must carry. It's good to fully understand the risks before buying a product that can potentially do us grievous harm. Look at this pack of Gold Flake Kings :

It leaves no doubt as to what it can cause. Cancer. Clear cut. I am sure that putting such labels on cigarette packets has resulted in :

1. Reduced sales of cigarettes
2. Reduced deaths due to cancer

However, what of other insidious and harmful products that are peddled to us every day ? The Government should not hesitate to enforce similar warning labels on several other products that are harmful to society in general.

I have taken the liberty of making a start to this "Swatch Vigyapan"  initiative - by designing some such warning labels for commonly available but dangerous products. Please feel free to use them in your advertising.

I hope the true citizens of India will take up cudgels for this worthy and most urgent cause. We cannot have a healthy and happy society if people's moral values are dictated by evil greedy corporations and the forces that align with them. Surely our Government is not one of them.

Bharat Maata Ki Jai. 

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