Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Beating The Mythology Hangover : My talk at the NASSCOM Game Developer Summit

As promised - here are the slides I presented during my talk entitled 'Beating The Mythology Hangover' at the NASSCOM Indian Game developer Summit on November 7th at Hyderabad.

Beating the Mythology Hangover - Anand Ramachandran

For those of you interested in more details, Gaming Xpress has the full details here. The reporter has taken a few liberties with interpreting exactly what I said, but it's mostly accurate and fairly comprehensive, if not always grammatically immaculate  :)

I was also on the Jury for the gaming super pitch. Gaming Xpress covers it pretty well, so I won't go into the details of the event.

Do feel free to get in touch if you'd like any more details on the presentation, or couldn't catch up with me at NASSCOM.


  1. Great topic and you managed to say a lot with the few words on the slides =D We need not just disruptive games but also games that will appeal internationally, not just to a few Indians. To we need to get rid of the fake Indian accents in games to start with and make them with international standards. Only then can they justify the investment required for such a game

  2. Cool! There was this one gal and another dude, (gal was not in your session) who was just going on typing tapity tap tap during all sessions, sitting in the front row.

    I just couldn understand WHO they were and WHY they were just going on typing stuff like live blogging or something. Quite surprising to see they wrote such nice stuff even while looking like they were not paying attenting and just typing. haha. pretty skilled I guess :P

    Also, dont know if you realised, there were two people in front row during your session somewhat, stealthily, taking pics or every slide you showed... haha, all "hard work" of theirs is lost :P

    Or you can say.. they had.. TIMED EXCLUSIVITY :P

  3. brilliant afsar. You said it! way to go!!!!!

  4. Machan, great presentation. Content especially. Wish I was there to hear this in person.

    Axe out.

  5. Very interesting content! Disruptive gaming, is certainly is something to think about. Hope u show em' the way soon!

    Your all time fan signin' off,