Monday, April 14, 2008

Game Invader - My Weekly Gaming Column in The New Indian Express

It's official - I'm now an official game journalist! I have a weekly column (Titled 'Game Invader'. Nifty, eh?) in Zeitgeist, the Saturday paper from the all-new, zippily redesigned New Indian Express.

The first one was called 'A call to non-gamers'. You can read the online version here.

But, seriously, if you're interested in gaming, you must get the actual paper. Editor-in-chief Aditya Sinha has done gamers a huge favour by taking a leap of faith and devoting a full page every Saturday to gaming, the first newspaper in India to do so. It's a spanking new redesign, and has tons of great content (no, I'm not returning a favour or anything. I honestly believe that Zeitgeist, and the new Express, are a breath of fresh air for newspaper readers in the city. Try it for yourself.). Go out and get one this Saturday, and you'll see what I mean.

This is what Zeitgeist's gaming page looks like. That's me in the corner. That's me in the spot . . . light . . . losing . . er . . .sorry.

And besides my column, there are other great articles on gaming as well, written by excellent individuals such as Videep Vijay Kumar and Sumit Mehra.

So, does this make me India's first weekly columnist on gaming? At least in a print newspaper? Can any of my readers point me towards any others?

I'm enjoying this thoroughly - it's a dream come true. Hope you guys enjoy reading my stuff even half as much.


  1. Congrats, will most assuredly be picking up a copy this week. :)

  2. Saw the blog url in the paper.

    It's nice to know Gaming in India is coming out of the shadows.

    Keep up the good work.

    I'm an old-timer when it comes to FPS games, and if you're ever in Kerala and want to play UT2004 or Quake 3 give me a buzz. It'd be my pleasure to kick your ass in either of em! =P